Points of View and Comparing

For each sections :

Section 1 : Greek Art because without the Greeks Art of work like the tombs, buildings and other things. We would not have what we have today. 

                 Prehistoric and Ancient Near Eastern Art. It brought God’s to life that is why some people in this world still have their religious acts.

Section 2: Romanesque Art. It developed some religions like the Catholics.

                 Gothic Art. Bible stories were often told by their art works.

Section 3 : Early Renaissance in Italy.Paintings become more powerful because ideas were broad.

                 The Baroque and Rococo. This two have different styles of Art. Baroque Art is interpreted to produce drama, tension, exuberance and emotions. Rococo Art is light pastels, elaborate colors and they had a decorative style.

Section 4: 19th Century Art. It is more modernized. Paintings became more neat and artists had more ideas about paintings

                 20th Century. Many Artists made paintings that are modern till today, Artists paints things that inspires them and what they believe in 

19th Century and 20th Century are likely the same because they are both modernized the only difference is in the 20th century artist have neat ideas of paintings than 19th century. 






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