Prehistoric Art: Ancient Near East


Hittite Lion Gate c. 1400 B.C.E. -This lion gate carved out of limestone reflects the fierceness of the society who made it.

The ancient near East consisted of five notable civilizations:

Akkadian Art

Deification of the king, who did rule with the Gods’ approval, just not their assistance. They had a large interest in creating permanent stone markers to show religious or civic sites, and even burial sites.

Babylonian Art

Covered in it’s well known seven wonders of the world creation, the hanging gardens. Some of the Babylonians art work contains some of the earliest law ever written. 

Hittite Art

Little is known about Hittite art, other then the fact that they preferred using stone over mud-brick.

Assyrian Art

Assyrians praised the glory of their kings, capabilities to kill and destroy. Humans remained solemn as animals were the creatures that showed emotion. Lions would cry out in pain or fear. This expressed the authority of the king. Words were often carved over people or scenes. Shallow relief sculptures were also an Assyrian specialty.

Persian Art

Created extravagant  architecture, huge audience halls, massive buildings, and much much more.

Royalty, and kings, quickly realized the benefits art really withheld. They brought Gods’ to life and imprinted stories on mortals hearts that would surely outlive even the strongest of generations. This is best known as the start of an eternities relationship between artist and viewer.


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